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Our Designer

Kenyatta C. Jones is the Founder, CEO and Head Designer of Bella Rene' affectionately named “beautiful Rene'” after the designers mother Karen Rene'. Bella Rene' was established in September 2006 by Kenyatta and her mother. "I started my company because I, a plus size woman, was not at all happy with options in the plus size market. I saw a need and felt my love of fashion could help fill a need in the fashion industry. I have created the first exclusively plus size high fashion and couture brand in the world. I want to change the way the fashion industry views plus size women. Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, we didn't have any high end stores. But luckily my parents made sure we traveled. As a young girl I can remember sneaking a copy of Vogue magazine in the basket at the supermarket each month. Though the women in those magazines looked nothing like me, it still inspired me to want to learn more about what fashion really was. That's where my love of fashion started.” Kenyatta has set out to break down barriers and doors not often open in the fashion industry to plus size designers. "I've had a lot of doors shut in my face just because my designs are for plus size women. But I welcome the closed doors and will never let it stop me. I will knock first and then I plan to kick them in with one of my 3000 pairs of stilettos!" Kenyatta is all about empowering women to look their best and feel good about themselves at every size. "I want plus size women to be confident. I hope when people meet me that's what they see because that is what I am, a confident woman that makes no apologies about my body. I am happy with what I see when I look in the mirror and that's what I want other women to feel. I think there is nothing more beautiful than a woman that is comfortable in her own skin no matter what size she is. And the clothes a woman wears make a huge difference in how she feels." Kenyatta believes in the power of branding and believes plus size women deserve to have their own mark in the fashion world. Bella Rene', which debuted its first high fashion collection in Spring 2006, created a contemporary signature line that debuted in September 2010. Bella Rene' made fashion history in 2018 by becoming the first ever exclusively plus size brand to show a collection at NYFW THE SHOWS. That was a dream come true for the designer. Bella Rene' debuted their first resort and swim collection in May of 2021 which sold out in just a few weeks. Bella Rene' is returning to NYFW THE SHOWS fashion week history again as the only plus size designer brand on the NYFW calendar. "My goal is to make Bella Rene' a lifestyle brand for plus size women. I'm a label shopper at times and I feel like plus size women should have high end labels just for them. "With countless curvy celebs wearing the brand on the red carpet, Bella Rene' is well on its way to being the go-to brand for plus size women all over the globe...and it's well over due. The company motto is: "Fashion and great style is not an's a way of life..are you ready to live?"

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